40 years of leading and managing by facts and data. I spent 26 of these years with Texas Instruments and Raytheon leading Engineering, Operations and Service/Transactional organizations.

From 1981 through 1991 I led Engineering and Manufacturing organizations in Sherman and Denison, proposing and negotiating multi-million dollar budgets and consistently executing them at or below budget.


My role expanded in 1993 to lead Continuous Process Improvement activities across all of TI’s Defense Systems Group businesses in Sherman, McKinney, Plano, Dallas, Lewisville and Austin, helping them increase their speed, improve their quality and reduce their costs. Employees we trained and mentored realized significant, measurable improvements within their own processes.


In 1997 TI’s Defense Business and Hughes Aircraft Company were both acquired by Raytheon. My Senior Management role expanded to help integrate all of the new Raytheon operations and work at the point of the spear to deploy Continuous Process Improvements across all of our operations from coast to coast.


After early retirement from Raytheon in 2003 my career has been spent as a self-employed consultant helping clients such as Xerox, US Navy Naval Air Systems Command, US Army and Texas Military Forces (National Guard). These clients were able to improve the speed and quality of their processes which resulted in significant cost savings.


In summary, I am a pioneer in using Continuous Process Improvement tools and methods to help organizations and employees find and eliminate waste and inefficiencies within their own processes. I lead and manage by facts and data, not opinion. I am a practitioner of collaboration and teamwork.

· Teaming with employees to empower them and improve their job satisfaction – resulting in benefits to both the company and customer - both the government and the taxpayer.

· Teaming with peers – Example: Led a group of TI Operations Managers across North Texas to reduce our defense businesses’ inventory by $142 Million over 18 months, resulting in $142 Million in free cash flow.

· Showing others how to remove waste from their processes and save costs.

· I helped Naval Air Systems Command save over $500 Million in their first two years.

· I helped the US Army save over $3 Billion per year for the past 2 years


I will lead the Commissioners Court using the sound management practices I have developed over my 40 year career to remove waste from the decisions made by the court.


I am NOT a lawyer. Because I have a son and a daughter-in-law who are both attorneys I have great respect for the training attorneys receive. I do not presume to tell our fine judges and prosecutors how to do the professional aspects of their jobs. This likewise applies to our to our other elected officials.


What I do bring to the county is experienced leadership for guiding the Commissioners Court and experience in helping others understand the details of their own processes, the “administrivia” that is a part of everyone’s job, so THEY can find the waste within them and THEY can eliminate those costly wastes of time and money.


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