How you can help ...

· Spread the word to others you know. Talk about me and why you will vote for me. Send them to this web site. Print a copy of these pages for them if they do not have access to the web. The last contested Republican Primary election was won with less than 6,000 votes total. Much of my campaign spending will occur before the primary. If you can reach 20 people you will have done wonders to help my cause.

· Contribute if you can. This promises (sadly) to be an expensive campaign; some estimate up to $100,000. See the “Donate Now” page for contributions.

· Give me your email address. I will update you with important campaign information. You can forward these to your friends as another way to spread the word. I promise not to spam you.

· Tell me I can use your name(s) in my list of supporters on this web site and in printed publications. Your friends will see your name here and may vote for me since they respect you.

· Host an informal and short (about 1 hour)  “meet the candidate” event in your home or other suitable location. Invite your friends and neighbors so they can meet me and learn of my plans for the county.

· Be willing to help co-sponsor a more formal Campaign Fundraiser.

· Let me put a sign in your yard or on property you control.

· Help me with signs. This is a significant task for any candidate.

· Invite me to your local club, informal coffee club at the DQ or wherever you meet friends.

· And, any other appropriate method you can think of that I have not.

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