Code of Fair Campaign practices

Chapter 258 of the Texas Election Code establishes a Code of Fair Campaign Practices.


Every candidate and political committee is encouraged to subscribe to this code, and to do so in writing at the time they file their Campaign Treasurer Assignment. Subscription to this code is voluntary.


I have voluntarily subscribed to these principles. I submitted my signed pledge to the Grayson County Elections Administrator at the time I filed my Campaign Treasurer Assignment.

NONE of my opponents have signed this pledge!

Here is the code:

1. I will conduct the campaign openly and publicly and limit attacks on my opponent to legitimate challenges to my opponent's record and stated positions on issues.

2. I will not use or permit the use of character defamation, whispering campaigns, libel, slander, or scurrilous attacks on any candidate or the candidate's personal or family life.

3. I will not use or permit any appeal to negative prejudice based on race, sex, religion, or national origin.

4. I will not use campaign material of any sort that misrepresents, distorts, or otherwise falsifies the facts, nor will I use malicious or unfounded accusations that aim at creating or exploiting doubts, without justification, as to the personal integrity or patriotism of my opponent.

5. I will not undertake or condone any dishonest or unethical practice that tends to corrupt or undermine our system of free elections or that hampers or prevents the full and free expression of the will of the voters, including any activity aimed at intimidating voters or discouraging them from voting.

6. I will defend and uphold the right of every qualified voter to full and equal participation in the electoral process, and will not engage in any activity aimed at intimidating voters or discouraging them from voting.

7. I will immediately and publicly repudiate methods and tactics that may come from others that I have pledged not to use or condone.  I shall take firm action against any subordinate who violates any provision of this code or the laws governing elections.

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