Why Am I Running?

I am running for County Judge to remove waste from county government. This will free up the funds to meet three important goals:

 Insure we fairly compensate our employees

 Fund our needed county priorities (roads, airport, etc.)

 Reduce our TAX RATE so we can effectively compete for new industry and business.

There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you donít care who gets the credit.

††† - Ronald Reagan

The greatest waste in America is the failure to use the abilities of the people.

††- W. Edwards Deming


These people are the folks actually doing the work. Management needs to listen to them to learn where the true problems lie.

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My vision: HELP make Grayson County a leader in providing world class taxpayer service & support, resulting in minimum cost to the taxpayer.

My strategy: I will do this using 40 years of experience in Leadership, Engineering, Management, Organizational Skills, and Teamwork.

I pledge to TEAM with the employees of Grayson County, enabling them to serve their customers better while improving their own job satisfaction and quality of life.

I pledge to TEAM with the other elected officials in Grayson County to support their missions.

I pledge to team with the cities and other entities to achieve joint goals.

I have experience in both the commercial and the government sectors in successfully applying this strategy to achieve my vision.

Our tax rate is too high. Collin and Denton counties both have tax rates about one-half of ours.

For 11 years we have held our tax rate flat. Over that same 11 years Collin reduced their tax rate 4 times.

We are NOT effectively competing for new industry with high tax rates. We must lower rates.

See my Campaign YouTube Video to see how I will do this.